Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Archie Campbell

Bulls Gap, Tennessee. "Do you even know who Archie Campbell is?" my partner asked me as I followed his navigation. Now, I admit I might have gotten him mixed up with Sargent York at one time (I know, I know...), but I had distinctly remembered visiting that home site. Hmmm. Archie Campbell. Did he have something to do with country music? Okay, that is a little lame. This is Tennessee after all. Chances are if you were not military history, football history, you might just be all about the music. Not quite. Try country comedy. And after listening to one of the jokes (it just wouldn't be right to tell it all, brother, not on this here page), I too discovered the joys of Rindercella.

    • Latitude: 36.255612
    • Longitude: -83.08636
    • 3139 S. Main Street, Tennessee 37711
    • Archie Campbell was born in Bulls Gap, Tennessee on November 7, 1914.
    • He began his career as a disc jockey at WNOX in Knoxville.
    • He was in the Navy during WWII.
    • Country Playhouse, Knoxville's first country television show featured his personality, plus he also helped start it.
    • When the show ended, he went onto the Grand Ole Opry.
    • In 1968-9, he became a member of the cast of the television show Hee Haw.
    • Campbell was also a painter and a gallery owner (his college degree from Mars Hill College was in art).
    • He passed away in 1987.
    • This is the Archie Campbell Complex.
    • Structures include:
      • The Archie Campbell Museum
      • Archie Campbell's Childhood home
      • A train caboose
  • CURRENT USAGE: Museum and Park

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