Monday, November 19, 2007

As She Stands

Greenback, TN. This is not a location, a site or anything all that historical. What it is is beautiful or should I say what she is...Though this site is mostly about historical landscapes, I hope you will forgive the every-so-often need to share with you a figurative subject. Depending on how my time goes, eventually I may create a sister blog to this and call it something like Beautiful People Who Have Stood Before Me. :)

So, I present to you my rendition in pixels of Diane. She is a friend of mine and a wonderful yogi. In helping her with her promotions, I did a shoot for her, but these I did for me.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lost Landscape

Vonore, TN. The pictures have waited on my hard drive patiently. Perhaps they wondered if I would call them the "New Hiking Boots" pictures or if I would correlate them to a historic site. So, I will just say that I went for a short hike in nearby Vonore, Tennessee to break in my new hiking boots (they were sorely needed as my sneaker's have had a long, slow death). These are special hiking boots, real hiking boots, made for walking off the beaten path we photographers follow. LOL.

My new boots took me to a trail that I am presently trying to track down, as well as the history behind it. I have spent way too many hours trying to find it on the web. Finally, it was suggested that I go offline and look on a local map of Monroe County. Found! Now I plod along. But alas dear reader, you will have to wait awhile longer while I compile the information. So today, I leave you with the above landscape from that excursion.

    • Latitude: 35.57889
    • Longitude: -84.20583
    • The Toqua Cemetery, Vonore, Tennessee

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Saga of Three Museums

East Tennessee. Though I am working on a volunteer project that includes photographing historic sites and museums, I had decided I probably would not include modern museums in this blog unless they are historical sites (that I deem interesting). So, it would stand to reason that the three museums I am about to mention would not have made the cut onto the blog, but they are involved in tales of my photographic expeditions through out East Tennessee and because of there very nature, need to be included.

First, there is the Farragut Folklife Museum in Farragut, TN. It was incredibly easy to find, great signage along the way (which has not always been the case in my new beloved Tennessee). This alone almost makes this a place worth seeing. The museum is located in the Farragut Town Hall, a new building that is tastefully done (to my aesthetics). What is special about this museum and why would anyone care outside the local community? Well, for you Naval buffs out there, this museum houses the collection of
Admiral David Glasgow Farragut. He was the first commissioned Admiral of the United States Navy and is best known for the quote, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead."

11408 Municipal Center Drive, Farragut, TN
Longitude: -95.677068

The next stop on this particular day was to the
The Girl Scout Museum at Daisy’s Place. You will note there are no pictures here for this. This is because I could not find it. Just par for the course of this project. Urrrrrrr. Apparently though, they just remodeled and unveiled the museum, so maybe this time I will find it. It will be awhile.

My last stop was one that a few may find a tad uncomfortable, and that is the Knoxville Police Department Museum located at the Knoxville City Police Department. The big thing to know about this museum is that you need to call in advance to make an appointment to see it. I did not know this the first time I went to photograph it. There I was, little ol' me looking for any sign of the museum, when a lady police officer, hand on holster, asked if she could help me. I wanted to hold up my hands and yell ,"Don't shoot!" but I didn't. She was actually extremely nice and helpful when I told her what I was up to. It did mean having to return and photograph the building another day. This was the day, and yes, Chief Owen gave me permission to photograph the it (thank you very much.).

800 Howard Baker Jr. Ave. Knoxville, TN 37915
Longitude: 35.975922
Latitude: -83.904562