Saturday, January 26, 2008


My Missing Family or a Home of My Own.

Greenback, TN. This beautiful cat turned up at the cabin a few days ago, though we think he has been around for months. He is completely sweet and affectionate and someone has obviously cared about him. The local veterinarian believes he may be between three and five years old and is neutered.

If you know him or his family, please let me know ASAP. Or, if you would be interested in adopting him, also please let me know. My cats do not get along with him otherwise I would be thrilled to keep him. Please note that it is not his fault they do not get along, the problem lies more with mine. All cats that I seem to come across want to be only cats.

If you would like to hang a flyer up as well, please click here to download the PDF file.

Please email me at or leave a comment. Only serious inquires, please.

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