Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fort Craig

Maryville, Tennessee. In rambling about the Maryville Greenway, there is a true historic spot on the path. It is the site of Fort Craig. There seems to be little to no remains of the fort itself, just a monument that has been erected. But it was pretty amazing to just be wandering along and stumble upon it. It seems like it should be mentioned in its own right.

    • Latitude: 35.758374
    • Longitude: -83.966925
    • The Maryville Greenway, off of Washington Street, behind the Camber of Commerce
    • On Pistol Creek
    • The fort was built in 1785 to protect settlers from Indian attacks. (1)
    • This was a wooden palisade owned by Revolutionary War Veteran John Craig. He then donated 50 acres of land for the creation of the city of Maryville. (2)
    • It was originally referred to as Craig's Station. (3)
    • The fort of about 280 people once held off 500 Indian attackers and forced their retreat. (3)
    • The citizens of the fort asked that this land not be part of Knox county, but be a county onto its own and Blount county came into being. (3)
  • CURRENT USAGE: Greenway, Memorial

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