Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sequoyah and His Talking Symbols

Vonore, Tennessee. The wind whipped around me like bitterness.

"These grounds are not yours," the whispering past said.

"I come with respect," I said replied silently and for a few moments, there was no wind, no coldness. This was familiar territory and my footsteps, leaving nothing behind on the pavement of the parking lot, were perhaps remembered. So many dark and cold nights, I had walked here, learning basic Cherokee. It does not get much more romantic than this - learning a language where its academic record began. This is the site where Sequoyah, who created the Cherokee Syllabary, a method for recording and communicating the language in a written form was born.

    • Latitude: 35.585192,
    • Longitude: -84.220438
    • 576 Highway 360 - Vonore, TN 37885
    • The museum is located very near the site of Tuskeegee, the village where Sequoyah was born.
    • Sequoyah was born in 1776.
    • He created the Cherokee Syllabary in 1821.
    • The syllabary is composed of 85 symbols.
    • It took him 12 years to create it.
    • Museum and grounds.
    • Museum

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