Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Marion, KY. It isn't really historic, but the game is as old as imagination. As long as there has been a desire to play toy soldiers, war gaming has been popular past time. And then there is something about stepping back in time or at least attempting such as a feat and putting on the shoes (or muddy boots) of our forefathers. This is the thrill of reenacting for me.

In this regard, this past weekend found me in Marion, KY with my comrades, wearing the WWII uniform of the Red Army (it never hurts to walk a few miles in other's shoes) and taking out my newest addition to the camera collection into the field (woods). It is a 1937 Fed 1. Basically it looks like Leica (but it so isn't). Needless to say there were a few unforeseen glitches - film jams and take-up spool issues (yes, yes, yes, I shot a role to try it out before hand). I admit this is the first time my camera equipment included pliers.

Ultimately, I lost several photographs (I am trying not to mourn them, but it is hard). But the few I did get are on flickr. Ultimately, I still have to get to know this camera. The results tease me enough to continue the relationship.

Also, for those of you wanting to experience Mariongrad, it is an event that is not a public demonstration. However, if you would like to join The 19th Brigade of the 8th Guards Mechanized Corps (the Red Army -reenacting group), just leave a comment, and I'll try to get you to the right people.



BillyWarhol said...


Classic Shots* I thought the opening one was Real*

;)) Peace*

BlueWorkhorse.com said...

I love the feel of the photos especially the check in photo.

Startlogic Review said...

They are the real hero of the history of human history. without their bravery we would not have known so many things now.