Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lost Landscape

Vonore, TN. The pictures have waited on my hard drive patiently. Perhaps they wondered if I would call them the "New Hiking Boots" pictures or if I would correlate them to a historic site. So, I will just say that I went for a short hike in nearby Vonore, Tennessee to break in my new hiking boots (they were sorely needed as my sneaker's have had a long, slow death). These are special hiking boots, real hiking boots, made for walking off the beaten path we photographers follow. LOL.

My new boots took me to a trail that I am presently trying to track down, as well as the history behind it. I have spent way too many hours trying to find it on the web. Finally, it was suggested that I go offline and look on a local map of Monroe County. Found! Now I plod along. But alas dear reader, you will have to wait awhile longer while I compile the information. So today, I leave you with the above landscape from that excursion.

    • Latitude: 35.57889
    • Longitude: -84.20583
    • The Toqua Cemetery, Vonore, Tennessee

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