Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cresent Bend

Knoxville, Tennessee. So far all the places that I have photographed that are included on this site are based on a list form the East Tennessee Historical Society. When I plan to go to a site, I tend to look it up on the Internet and try to get a feel for it or look for something that jars my creativity. Crescent Bend, also known as the Armstrong-Lockett House has proved to be a bit difficult.

Their web site is non-existent and it is hard to say who is running the show (I admit, I have not called the site). It is beautiful and famous, though, known for its Italian terrace gardens.

So, on a cold day dappled with warm sunlight, I traipsed over to the site. Maintenance was being done to it, so that proved to be a challenge. Also, there are so many fabulous pictures of the house and the gardens, I did not want to take the stereotypical image.

Currently, there is probably more "me" than "Crescent Bend" to the pictures and I feel like there is more to the site then I know...

Perhaps in another time and place I shall revisit it.

    • Latitude: 35.959598
    • Longitude: -83.944473
    • 2728 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, Tennessee 37919
    • Drury P. Armstrong had Crescent Bend constructed in 1834. He was a merchant, a farmer, and a political figure. (1)
    • It is called Crescent Bend because of its location on the bend of the Tennessee River. (2)
    • The house is one of three houses constructed by the Armstrong family on Kingston Pike in Knoxville. (3)
    • It is also called the Armstrong-Lockett House in memory of its first and last owners who resided there. (1)
    • Twenty-nine years after it housed its first family, in 1863, Confederate General Joseph B. Kershaw used the house as his headquarters. This was during the Civil War siege of Knoxville. (1)
    • This is a traditional brick farmhouse and was the centerpiece of a 600-acre farm. (3)
  • CURRENT USAGE: Historic Site and Gardens

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